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          Mobile Phone Battery for HTC

          Our mobile phone battery can be applied to different models of HTC phones. It is well known that this phone has good functions and reliable quality, as well as mostly adopts large touch screen. At first, most of HTC phones are equipped with Windows Mobile system, which has high requirements on hardware. This allows the phone to enjoy high-end hardware configuration, but high-frequency and low-speed in most cases. Although the speed is slow, the function is quite comprehensive due to the high performance of WM system. The increased configuration of WM phone certainly leads to fast speed but large power consumption.

          But now HTC lays more emphasis on Android phone, after all, Android system has too many advantages compared to WM system. For example, the speed is fast, and the functions such as Internet access are very powerful. However, powerful phones inevitably are prominent in power consumption. SCUD mobile phone battery for HTC has almost no difference with the original one. With such high quality, it is able to provide strong back power support for the majority of HTC enthusiasts.

          As a China-based mobile phone battery for HTC manufacturer and supplier, SCUD offers a wide range of products, including cell phone battery for ZTE, portable power charger, emergency power supply, and more.

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