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          Cell Phone Battery for Motorola

          Our cell phone battery is applicable to a variety of Motorola phones, which are favored in the market because of their high quality. This type of phone now mainly uses Android as the main operating system. With high hardware configuration, the smoothness of the phone can be ensured. This also has high demands on the power. SCUD product can exactly offer ultrahigh power to ensure smooth operation of the phone.

          Specifications of Original Cell Phone Battery for Motorola
          Talk time (continuous)
          CDMA, up to approximately 11 hrs
          WCDMA, up to approximately 10 hrs
          GSM, up to approximately 22 hrs
          Battery type
          1780 mAh Li-ion Polymer (embedded), sign of charge LED
          Standby time
          CDMA, up to approximately 11 days
          WCDMA, up to approximately 12 days
          GSM, up to approximately 9.5 days

          Our company is a professional cell phone battery for Motorola manufacturer based in China. In addition to Li-ion mobile phone battery, we also offer Li-ion power bank, emergency power supply, universal portable power charger, and more.

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