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          Li-ion / Li-Polymer Power Bank

          Key Features
          1. The small Li-ion or Li-Polymer power bank is easy to be put in the pocket.
          2. The product comes with LED power indication.
          3. It can be turned on or off through the control of one button.
          4. With built-in cell, the Li-polymer battery is not likely to explode.
          5. It has low electromagnetic wave interference to the phone while talking.
          6. Due to the low self-discharging rate, the product allows for three months standby when fully charged.
          7. Over-charging, over-discharging, over-heat and short-circuit can be well protected because of safety design.
          8. Each product can be put on the market after passing more than 60 test items.

          SCUD is a professional Li-ion / Li-Polymer power bank manufacturer and supplier in China. We offer external battery, Li-ion power bank, universal portable power charger, and more. In addition, Li-ion mobile phone battery is also available.

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